Wall Hanging


Smoothening Room Atmosphere




Starts from Rs. 2999/ – Onwards

Wall Hanging products are Pictures of your choice and framed with wooden box to be safely hanged on walls.

How To Use

  1. Decoration in the front hall, reception, bed room etc
  2. For Pooja room purposes, the God / Goddess images can be used
  3. For Pooja room, the God / Goddess image along with a separate rear glass inscribed with mantras can also be recommended
  4. Decent Gifts to friends / relatives

The Wall Hanging product starts from Rs. 2999/- plus courier charges.

Please check the price for the specific product of your choice when you buy.


Glass will be 1 ft X 1 ft X 5mm.

Box frame thickness 3.5 cm approximately

Custom Size order accepted; discuss for cost.