Navagraha Chakra


It is removing Navagraha Doshas of any planet

Use separate product for Kaal Sarpa Dosh


Starts from Rs. 2999/ – Onwards

The Product with mantras inscribed 108 times would cost Rs. 2999/- (108 times of all 9 planets).

A separate rear glass would be inscribed with numerous times of Navagraha mantras.

Navagraha Chakra Product has two parts.

The front glass inscribed with the Navagraha Chakra

How To Use

Keep the Product in your Pooja Room and worship everyday

The cost will differ according to the number of times mantras are inscribed, like 1008 times 10008 times, 21000 times etc.


Each glass: 6 inch X 4 inch X 5 mm, approximately

Custom Size order accepted; discuss for cost.