Paap Dosh Chakra


It helps remove all the sins of past birth and mistakes / sins done in this birth earlier


Rs 1001/ – Onwards

Some would be afflicted with sins of previous birth or earlier days.

The Product would have two parts:

The front glass would have the inscription of the image of Dattatreya

A separate rear glass would have the inscription of Dattatreya Mantra numerous times.

The mantras will be visible only if number of times is less. With numerous mantras the inscription will not be readable but still they have their condensed structure and hence powerful.

How To Use

Place it in the Pooja Room and worship daily during your daily prayer

The cost for Chakra with 108 mantras will be Rs. 1001/- plus courier charges.

The number of times inscribed can be more and discuss with us for the cost.


Each glass: 6 inch X 4 inch X 5 m.m approximately

Custom Size order accepted; discuss for cost.