It increases Divine blessing to start any task

It increases your Spiritual Strength


Starts from Rs. 1001/ – Onwards

Our Swastik product has two parts.

The front glass inscribed with Swastik symbol and the rear glass with Swastik Mantra numerous times.

The mantras will be visible only if number of times is less. With numerous mantras the inscription will not be readable but still they have their condensed structure and hence powerful.

How To Use It

  1. Keep in the Pooja room
  2. You can also place it in the front hall
  3. You can also place it in your office cabin
  4. Whatever task you start, you focus on it and meditate one minute only on the symbol.

Then for one minute meditate on the task you are starting. Do not demand for any results of the task, rather the task per se.

Lastly another one minute meditate on Our Swastik Product.

That’s all begin your task.

For the mantras inscribed 108 times, it is Rs. 1001/- plus courier charges.

For mantras inscribed more times like 21,000 or 64,000 or 100000 times etc, discuss cost when you buy.


Each glass 6 inch X 4 inch X 5 mm, approximately

Custom Size order accepted; discuss for cost.