Vastu Chakra


It removes Vastu Dosh without demolishing / reconstructing your building


Starts from Rs. 1001/ – Onwards

Vastu Chakra and Holi Mantras of different Gods / Goddesses inscribed separately on another glass placed on the rear side of the Vastu Chakra glass.

The mantras will be visible only if number of times is less. With numerous mantras the inscription will not be readable but still they have their condensed structure and hence powerful.

How To Use

  1. You can place it in the Foundation Pit digged and Pooja performed.

In such case after flooring is layed, the leave the space corresponding to the Holi Pit unused. However, you can place God Statue upon the corresponding space.

2. You can place it in the Pooja room of the already living home.

3. You can place it on the Brahmasthan of the house in which you are living.

In such case mark a square around it and protect as family members do not cross it but go around.

The Vastu Chakra will have two glasses, the front glass inscribed with Vastu Purush and rear glass inscribed with mantras.

The rear glass mantras will be numerous and so can not be seen clearly.

In case you require to see mantras clearly, then the number of times inscribed will be reduced.

The cost for chakra with 108 mantras will be Rs. 1001/- plus courier charges.

The number of times inscribed can be more and discuss with us for the cost.


Each glass 6 inch X 4 inch X 5 mm, approximately

Custom Size order accepted; discuss for cost.